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Who doesn't want to capture the love & romance of their relationship in a memorable way? Get that one-of-a-kind experience in a location that has a special meaning to the two of you.

A trusted name in the film industry, Studio Romeo & Juliet has the perfect set with a unique & timeless feel. From a breathtaking backdrop to a majestic or luxurious setting, you can take your creativity to the next level. A photographer's dream location, this exotic studio specializes in capturing serene and romantic photos that are sure to please any of the bride and groom’s guests. We strive to set up tranquil surroundings full of creative, artistic spaces that will help amateur, as well as professional photographers, create their own authentic experience. With a wide range of traditional and contemporary sets, you can have the perfect backdrop for a stress-free shoot.

Not to mention, this is the go-to place to get your look absolutely right before you take it to the world. With five air-conditioned & three non-AC makeup rooms, take a seat to pamper yourself and let the trained artists do everything they can to make you look and feel amazing. It is time to set the scene and capture all the extroverted fun of your pre-wedding celebration with Studio Romeo Juliet's unmatched locations and spaces.


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+91 89198 67602
+91 89774 33100